Excelitas CaliPile Multi-Function Infrared Sensor Wins Gold in 2017 ECN IMPACT Award

First Ever 3-in-1 Smart Thermal IR Detector for Motion Detection, Presence Sensing and Temperature Measurement Recognized for Innovative Excellence in Electronics Industry

WALTHAM, Mass., October 25, 2017 – Excelitas Technologies® Corp., a global technology leader focused on delivering innovative, customized photonic solutions, announced that its CaliPile™ Multi-Function Infrared (IR) Sensor has been honored with the Gold award in the 2017 ECN (Electronic Component News) IMPACT Awards for the Sensors category. CaliPile represents a new range of intelligent IR sensor that includes highly sensitive infrared detectors and associated electronic circuitry capable of detecting motion, presence and temperature in one compact unit.With selectable frequency filters and levels that allow users to choose different operation modes, CaliPile offers maximum flexibility for motion detection, presence detection and temperature measurement. Built with an integrated filter, CaliPile sensors can work without the need for additional lenses. Selectable registers enable users to set the product into one of the three major operation modes, each of which can be set into individual use cases to achieve custom operations. Smart-home product designers, lighting and printer manufacturers, and general industry users can utilize the CaliPile Series for short-range presence detection, non-contact temperature measurement and overheating protection applications.ECN is the leading authority on new OEM products, tools, technologies, trends and design intelligence for the global engineering community. In its fifth year, the ECN IMPACT Awards recognize top products and services across the design engineering landscape. The awards celebrate the hard work and innovation on the part of designers, engineers and their teams in creating products, which had the greatest impact on the electronic components industry in the past year.“In an increasingly automated and connected world, sensors have become critical components in a vast array of products and applications. Excelitas enjoys a long standing position of leading-edge sensor innovation, so we are deeply honored that our new CaliPile IR Sensor continues our heritage with this prestigious recognition,” said Scott Orr, Sr. Director of Global Marketing at Excelitas Technologies. “OEMs require novel ways to pack more technology and function into smaller, more sophisticated devices in today’s consumer, IOT and smart home products. CaliPile enables this by having a single compact smart sensor both detect motion and simultaneously monitor presence in activating and maintaining device function, rather than requiring multiple detectors for separate functions. Add to this remote temperature measurement capabilities and we can only imagine the next generation of product that our customers will develop.

”For additional information on the CaliPile Multi-Function IR Sensor, visit /Pages/Product/CaliPile.aspx, or the Excelitas IR Sensing Video Library at: http://www.excelitas.com/Pages/Product/CaliPile-Video-Library.aspx.

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